Chemical processing technician (craft certificate)

Relevant workplaces

As a chemical processing technician, you may find employment in the chemical processing industry. This includes trades such as the chemical and petrochemical industries, chemical minerals industry, pharmaceutical industry, the production of herring oil and oil and gas offshore. You could also find employment in the metallurgical industry, for example in a smelting plant, furnace house or foundry.

Key tasks

Key tasks include:

  • safe start, stop, and operations of production units and processes in accordance with procedures and guidelines
  • work with chemicals of many hazard ratings and aggregate body conditions, extremely low and high temperatures and pressures, as well as large-sized equipment
  • work with ovens with extremely high temperatures
  • use of technical flow charts
  • supervision and troubleshooting of process equipment and processes
  • preparation of process equipment for maintenance and carrying out precautionary maintenance

Personal qualities

A chemical processing technician should be able to work methodically, precisely and  thoroughly, both independently as well as with others. Great demands are made as to social competence and communications skills. You must be able to use your senses (smell, hearing, sight and touch) to detect unwanted situations. You are expected to be able to resolve emergency problems quickly and efficiently.