Dry cleaning technician (journeyman’s certificate)

Relevant workplaces

The dry cleaning technician works in dry cleaner’s establishments.Dry cleaning technicians are employed by many companies in Norway offering services to consumers and smaller professional clients such as hotels, restaurants, offices, workshops or public institutions.

Key tasks

The dry cleaning technician cleans and maintains all kinds of textiles, e.g. clothes, curtains, carpets, duvets/pillows, over mattresses, sleeping bags, leather and fur. The tasks include all processes from receiving handed in textiles, dealing with customers, sorting, cleaning textiles and finishing treatment processes to checking finished products and handing them back to the customer. Key tasks are:

  • receiving and assessing unclean textiles and leather
  • advising the customer and accounting for the consequences of different cleaning and finishing treatment methods
  • determining prices
  • sorting textiles according to type of material, colours and treatment methods
  • pre-treatment, machine cleaning and wet cleaning
  • pressing, steaming and ironing
  • controlling the finished product, packing and handing it back to the customer
  • dealing with cash and vouchers
  • maintaining machines and equipment

Personal qualities

Out of consideration both for the working environment and the customers, it is important to keep the premises clean and tidy and to work meticulously. You should also be service-minded towards the customers. As a dry cleaning technician you come into contact with various chemical substances. You should therefore not have a disposition for allergies. You should also have good colour vision.

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