Information in several languages

On a lot of the contents have been translated into several languages.

Quiz, interest test and description of education programmes

The following content has been translated into 21 languages:

  • the task “Take the quiz!”
  • the tasks “What might suit you?” (specialization in general studies and vocational education)
  • the description of the 15 education programmes

You will find the different languages you can choose on the first page:

Introduction to upper secondary education and training for minority language applicants

Important information about upper secondary education and training has been translated into five languages (in addition to Norwegian and English). “Introduction to upper secondary education and training” provides an introduction to what upper secondary education and training is and which rules apply. The texts have been adapted for minority language applicants and their parents/guardians. The contents can be accessed both as a separate menu option and as a PDF file in the following languages:

  • English (Engelsk)
  • العربية (Arabisk)
  • یرد (Dari)
  • Polski (Polsk)
  • Af-soomaali (Somali)
  • ትግርኛ (Tigrinja)
  • in bokmål, nynorsk, sámegiella and english

    In addition all pages on are available in:

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    Information from Vestland

    The county has no supplementary information on this point.