Where can you get help to choose?

  • The subject Choice of education, which you take in lower secondary school, is designed to provide you with knowledge that gives you a better foundation for choosing an education programme in upper secondary education.   
  • Your teachers and the school guidance counsellors in lower secondary school and upper secondary school can help you if you are uncertain about anything.
  • The Follow-Up Service (OT in Norwegian) gives advice and guidance about educational and vocational options to anyone who has not applied for or accepted a place in school, or anyone who has dropped out of a programme before completion and is not permanently employed.   
  • The staff at the NAV offices (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service) can also provide this service 
  • Do not forget to talk with the people who know you and what kind of person you are - parents and quardians, relatives, friends and acquaintances. 

It is important that you read and check as much as possible on your own as well. It is always easier to ask others when you already know a little about the subject yourself.  

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