What does the school require from you as a pupil?

As a pupil in upper secondary education, there are a number of rules you have to follow. Make sure that you know about the duties you have as a pupil.

Duty to attend the teaching

Pupils in upper secondary school have a duty to attend the teaching and take an active part in the education.

  • In cases when you are absent from the teaching, you must document your absence.
  • Invalid or undocumented absence may mean that there is no basis for grades in individual subjects. As a main rule more than 10 % undocumented absence will mean that you will not be given a grade in the subject.
  • All absence is registered on the certificate, but it may be possible to have a reduction of 10 days if the absence is valid and documented.

Read more about the rules for absence.

Submit documentation for valid absence 

If you are away from the teaching because of illness or other valid reasons, it is important that you submit documentation so that the absence does not have consequences for your grades or certificate.

Valid reasons for absence from the teaching are:

  • health and welfare reasons (for health reasons you must have a doctor’s certificate)
  • work as an elected representative
  • political work
  • emergency and rescue work
  • legally required attendance
  • representation at an event at national or international level (for instance sports or culture)
  • religious feast for members of other belief community than the Church of Norway (up to 2 school days)

Meetings with the school counsellor, work on the pupils’ council and organized studies agreed with subject teacher or head teacher are not counted as absence.

Take an active part in the teaching and assessment situations

  • The teacher must have an adequate basis for grading in order to assess your competence and give a grade in the subject.

Follow the school’s rules

  • A high rate of absence and violation of the school’s rules may lead to a reduced grade in orderliness or behaviour.

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