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Upper secondary education and training

Application to upper secondary education and training
The website for you who are going to apply to upper secondary education and training in school or training establishment, tertiary vocational education or adult education.

Log in to with MinID
On you can find answers to frequently asked questions about MinID and a telephone number and contact form for the MinID Helpdesk.

Subject curricula
The subject curricula for all the subjects in the Knowledge Promotion.

The distribution of periods and subjects and the programme structure
This circular describes the distribution of periods and subjects and the programme structure of the Knowledge Promotion.

External Candidate Web
On this website you can register for examinations as an external candidate.

Upper secondary education and higher education abroad

Information about schooling abroad
Information about opportunities for taking upper secondary education and higher education abroad.

International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)
The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a two-year education programme in more than 100 countries which prepares pupils for university admission.

United World Colleges
UWC is a union of schools the world over with 12 schools in different countries.

A website with information about education in Europe.

Upper secondary education and higher education in the Nordic Countries

Hallo Norden
Information about moving, studying and working in the Nordic countries. 

UddannelsesGuiden, Guide to Education in Denmark

Utbildningsinfo, Information about Education in Sweden

Opintoluotsi, Finland, Information about Education in Finland

Menntamalaraduneyti, Iceland

Education and studies

Universities and Colleges Admission Service (SO)
The Universities and Colleges Admission Service (SO) is the website for you who are going to apply to first degree studies at universities, specialized university institutions and public and private university colleges.
Information about education, careers, learning and the education system in Norway.

Tertiary vocational education
This website provides information about the county-owned tertiary vocational colleges.

Master certificate
Website with information about master certificates and master craftsmen.

The information offices for the folk high schools
This website provides information about the 77 folk high schools, the subjects and courses offered, and the application situation at the different schools.

Norway Opening Universities
List of Norwegian providers of further and continuing education at higher level.

Education and training in the Norwegian armed forces
Information about study programmes at universities, university colleges, tertiary vocational colleges, distance education/web-based education and studies abroad.

Ta utdanning (Take an education)
Information about education fairs, education and choice of vocation.

Information and advice about studies abroad.

Eurodesk is an information network designed for young people between the ages of 10 and 30. Eurodesk answers questions about international opportunities for young people, including grants and subsidy schemes, studies and jobs abroad.

Study in Norway
Information in English about studies in Norway.

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) is a public agency which conducts quality controls and stimulates the quality development of educational provision at Norwegian universities, university colleges and tertiary vocational colleges. NOKUT also deals with individual applications for general recognition of studies taken abroad.

Statistics Norway (SSB)
Statistics about education.

Career guidance

Careers guidance from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV).

Interest test
Interest test for work and education.

Fretex karriereveiledning

European Network for Careers Guidance


Information about vocations and working life from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV).

Guide to education, choice of vocation, job and career.

The Career Magazine (Karrieremagasinet Kaleidoskopet)

Lærlingplass er en felles arena for lærebedrift og lærlinger hvor lærebedrift annonserer ledige lærlingplasser.

Vacant jobs

Search engine for vacant jobs
Searches job vacancies on several websites at the same time.

Search for vacant jobs
Searches job vacancies on several websites at the same time.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health
Grants professional approval (authorization or licence) to health personnel.

Statistics and research reports about education and the labour market.

Statistics Norway (SSB)
Statistics about the labour market.

Institute for Social Research

Trades and recruitment

NHO Young
The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)"s website for young people. NHO Young is to inspire a greater understanding of and interest in business and industry and social issues.

NHO Young TV
Films that provide insight into different education programmes.

We Construct Norway
Information about education, training and work in the building industry.



About electricity and electronics.

About education in aviation.

Exiting future
About education and careers in energy and climate.

Health worker
A website providing information about education, training and jobs in health work.

Media Apprentice
About choice of vocations and recruitment to jobs in graphics in the media trade.

Agriculture, fishing and forestry
Information about and recruitment to education programmes in Agriculture, fishing and forestry.

Choose Forestry
The competence and recruitment project of the forestry industry.

Restaurant and food processing
About education in restaurant and food processing.

Job in the food trade

Bus Driver"s Licence
How to become a bus driver.

Motor Vehicles
Website for all the vocational offices for motor vehicles.

Maritime Education
Website for the largest vocational offices in maritime education.
Aid for pupils and teachers in lower secondary and upper secondary school, established by the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

Information about mathematics for pupils, parents and teachers.
Information about sciences, institutions of learning and which subject combinations are required for different study programmes in sciences.
Information about teaching, training and jobs in technical and industrial production.

Government, Ministry and Directorate

The Ministry of Education and Research
The Ministry of Education and Research (KD) is, among other things, responsible for primary and lower secondary education, upper secondary education and training, higher education and adult education.

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training
The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is responsible for the development of primary and lower secondary education and upper secondary education and training.

Skoleporten (the School Portal)
The School Portal is a tool for schools and school owners for assessing the quality in primary and secondary education.

Norwegian Support System for Special Education (Statped)
Helps school owners facilitate an education of high quality for children, young people and adults with special educational needs.
The County Governor is a regional, national administrative agency. The County Governor has important responsibilities regarding monitoring and control.

Grants and endowments

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund provides grants and loans for Norwegian and foreign students.

Legathåndboken (the Scholarship Handbook)
An overview of endowments and grants available in Norway.

An international overview of scholarships, grants, funds and endowments.

Legatsiden (The Endowment Page)
An overview of Norwegian support schemes.

The administrative foundation for funds and endowments.


Knowledge Promotion - Sami
Sami subject curricula for the Knowledge Promotion.

Sami learning resources online
The Sami learning resources online is a website for Sami schools, kindergartens, pupils, parents/guardians and employees.
Internet-based education and teaching resources in Sami.

Language minorities

The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi)
The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) has an overview of the schools that have counsellors for minorities.

Ny i Norge (New in Norway)
Information from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration for recently arrived immigrants and asylum seekers. The website provides information about Norwegian language courses, the education system, work and the health service in Norway, and is accessible in several languages.

Hero Kompetanse
Opplæringstjenester og kompetanseutvikling for minoritetsspråklige.

Diversity in Focus in Academia (MiFA, Mangfold i Fokus i Akademia)

Job seeker course for multicultural young people
Jobb X is a job seeker course for multicultural young people between the ages of 16 and 26.

Education and job resource for young people with a minority background.

Exclamation (Utrop)
News, entertainment and topical events concerning multicultural Norway.

A free dictionary for language minorities.

Resource Network for Language Minorities (MiR)
A voluntary organization for parents from language minority backgrounds.

Adult education

Vox works to achieve increased participation in society and working life by enhancing the competence level of adults.

The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (VOFO)
Umbrella organization for the adult learning associations in Norway.

Oslo Voksenopplæring (Oslo Adult Education)
Municipal adult education in Oslo.

Organizations and associations
Information about rights, opportunities and obligations for young people between the ages of 14 and 20.

Ungdomsinformasjonen (Information for Young People)
YoungInfo provides information for young people, and among other things deals with health, education, jobs, legal issues and finances.

Centre for the Internationalization of Higher Education (SIU)
A competence and information centre that promotes international cooperation in the fields of education and research.

AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. The main focus of AIESEC is to offer a platform for young people’s leadership development by offering international internships.

The Norwegian Pupils’ Association
A pupils’ association with about 350 member schools.

Norwegian Students’ Union
Norwegian Students’ Union (NSO) works actively towards politicians, the bureaucracy, the media, the Norwegian Educational Loan Fund and the management at the learning institutions in order to improve the students" academic, social and financial conditions.

The National Parents’ Committee for Primary and Lower Secondary Education (FUG)
The National Parents" Committee for Primary and Lower Secondary Education FUG) is a national committee for and consisting of parents with children attending school. FUG provides advice and counselling to parents with children attending school and provides advice to the educational authorities in cases relating to home-school collaboration.


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