Teacher education and health care studies - special admission requirements

Points and grade requirements for admission to teacher education

Applicants to general teacher education and the 5-year integrated teacher education must be able to document a minimum of 35 school points (grade points and science bonus points) and an average of no less than a grade of 3 in Norwegian (393 hours) and 4 in mathematics as common core subject (224 hours).

The grade requirement regarding mathematics does not apply to applicants who can document passed programme subjects in mathematics (minimum R1/S1) or the equivalent.

For vocational teacher education in practical-aesthetic subjects the grade 3 is required in mathematics (224 hours). 

General teacher education programmes with sciences, environmental studies and natural sciences, music and Sami have other special requirements for admission. 

Language variant requirements for teacher-training

For pre-school and general teacher education, in principle examinations in both language forms of Norwegian (hovedmål and sidemål) are required. Applicants who have been exempted from teaching or assessment with a grade in the secondary language form (sidemål) in upper secondary school, or who have equivalent education from abroad, may under certain circumstances on application be exempted from one of the language forms. You can get more information from the teacher education institution in question.

Requirement for a certificate of good conduct

A certificate of good conduct issued by the police may be required for admission to some courses of study where students have contact with patients, clients, kindergarten children, pupils or others as part of their clinical instruction or in-service training. The certificate of good conduct must not be more than 3 months old.

If the certificate shows that you have been charged, indicted or convicted of sexual offences or circumstances involving public morals and violence, this may adversely affect the completion of certain types of education. For instance, it applies to teacher education, or education programmes for coaches, pedagogues and social workers, and health care studies such as medicine, dentistry and nursing. By going online at samordnaopptak.no you will find a complete overview of which types of education require a certificate of good conduct.

Requirement for medical tests 

In relation to practical/clinical studies students at some study programmes and/or placement institutions are required to undergo medical tests, for example for tuberculosis. Your higher education institution will provide more detailed information. 

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