Waiter (craft certificate)

Relevant workplaces

Waiters work in all types of serving venues, hotels and restaurants and in premises where parties and banquets are organized or courses and conferences are held.

Key tasks

Key tasks include:

  • combining food and beverages for different menus, plus presenting and serving these in a professionally correct manner
  • recommending dishes in accordance with culture, religion and special diet needs
  • preparing, arranging and serving hot and cold beverages, both with and without alcohol
  • preparing venues for various kinds of events
  • use of information technology and technical aids

Personal qualities

Waiters must be able to work systematically and hygienically, both independently and together with others. You must be good at expressing yourself, both orally and in writing, have good language skills and a positive and attractive conduct. You must have good communication with colleagues and guests, and show understanding for the needs and wishes of your guests.  Waiters often work shifts.