Receptionist (craft certificate)

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Relevant workplaces

A receptionist might work in any number of private and public enterprises, such as hotels and other overnight accommodation businesses, airlines, ferry companies and passenger ships.

Key tasks

Key areas of work are the following:

  • customer service
  • handling guests and hosting
  • taking care of the guest–s needs and safety requirements 
  • sales and marketing
  • product development in collaboration with the customer
  • the use of different sales and booking systems and technological aids

Personal qualities

You must be able to work accurately, systematically and efficiently – often when things are rushed. You must be adaptable and be able to work independently as well as together with others. A receptionist must be able to communicate with people from different cultures, be cheerful and politeand provide good service. Proficiency in Norwegian and foreign languages, both written and oral, is important, as are cultural understanding and social skills. Reception desk assistants often work shifts.