Register your application on is the website for you who are applying to upper secondary education and for mediation to in-service training at a training establishment. There are many private upper secondary schools where you must send applications directly to the school itself.

Electronic ID

When you are going to use public services on the Internet, it is necessary to have secure identification. Electronic ID secures communication between yourself and the public services, for instance when you are applying for a place in school. You must therefore use electronic ID to log in to You can choose between four electronic IDs: MinID, BankID, Buypass and Commfides. The website provides help and user support for all four electronic IDs. Here on you will only find information about MinID. 

Log in to with MinID

When you are going to use MinID for the first time, you are required to identify yourself with a PIN code the first time:

  • You receive a PIN code sheet for MinID in the post at the turn of the year (if you have not used MinID before).
  • If you have not received this PIN code letter, you can order it at
The first time you use MinID
  • Go to
  • Log in with MinID. You need your
    • personal identity number ("fødselsnummer" in Norwegian)(11 digits)
    • PIN codes from code letter
  • Register as a user with
    • self-selected password
    • mobile telephone number*
    • a cross to receive codes by SMS
    • e-mail address
The next time you use MinID
  • Go to
  • Log in with MinID. You need 
    • your personal identity number
    • self-selected password
    • code by SMS*

Test that you manage to log in to with MinID with your personal identity number, self-selected password and code by SMS!

Register your application on

  • Check that your mobile telephone number, e-mail address and postal address are correct on
  • Register your application. There is information on the applications page.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • See also What can you apply for?
  • Do you need any help with the application? Contact your school counsellor.
  • Remember to print a receipt for your application before you log out. 
  • If  you have completed lower secondary education abroad, you must contact the county you are moving back to before you can apply to upper secondary education and training on  

Amending your information on

  • Before the applications deadline you may amend your application whenever you like on
  • If you get a new mobile phone number or a new e-mail address you must
    • change the information on (before 1 July in most counties)
      – remember that you must also update your mobile phone number and email address in MinID.
    • notify the admissions office (after 1 July in most counties).
    Just imagine what would happen if somebody else received your admissions notification!

Enclosures to your application

  • Mark all your enclosures with your personal identity number (11 digits)
  • Make sure you send in the correct number of copies of each enclosure
  • Send all application enclosures by post to the admissions office in your home county by the application deadline.

You can find out where to get enclosure forms by checking with your home county.

Help with MinID


Have you forgotten your password?

  • Go to
  • Log in with MinID
  • Choose "I have forgotten my password" and write your personal identity number
  • You will now receive two codes: one by SMS and on by e-mail
  • If you do not have access to your mobile telephone or your e-mail, you have to use the PIN code from the code sheet

Do you not have the PIN code sheet?

  • Order the PIN code sheet at
  • The PIN codes can only be sent to the address which is registered in the National Register.

* Do you not have a mobile phone?

  • Without a mobile phone you must use PIN codes from the PIN code sheet each time you log in to with MinID
  • You also need your personal identity number and your self-selected password for MinID

Do you need any more help?

Contact the help desk for MinID and electronic ID on

You can find helpful films and the answers to frequently asked questions on

Hard copy applications

In some counties, you are allowed to send in hard copy applications. Your school guidance counsellor and the admissions office can tell you whether this applies in your home county.

Choose your county!

These counties have additional information for this topic: