Pupil or external candidate?

If you take publicly organised upper secondary education or training, you are entitled to be assessed as a pupil, with both periodic and final assessment. You also have the right to notification if you are in danger of not being assessed. Adults shall not be assessed in orderliness or general behaviour. You can find more information in the chapter on Assessment, competence and documentation.

As a participant in adult education you follow the same examination scheme that other pupils do. For some subjects there are compulsory exams, for others there is a draw, where you can be picked to take an exam or exempted.

You may also choose to sit examinations in upper secondary education and training as an external candidate. Please note that as a practice candidate you must sit all necessary examinations as an external candidate.

Public examination for external candidates

You are personally responsible for registering for the external candidate exam. In most cases you register online via  www.privatistweb.no. Here you will also find useful information about subjects, examination fees, adaptations, etc.

The deadline for registration is 15 September for the autumn examination and 1 February for the spring examination.

The routines for registration for the external candidate examination are always announced in the press in plenty of time before the registration deadline.

Check with your home county for additional information.

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