Physical and medical factors

If you do not have a preferential right to admission but will require physical adjustments to the classrooms or access after your arrival, you must give notice of this when you apply. The county authorities and the school in question need time to make the necessary purchases, undertake the required restructuring and other adjustments so that everything will be ready when school starts. Physical adjustments, for example, may be required for pupils using wheelchairs, for the hard of hearing, for the vision-impaired, or for pupils requiring special computer equipment.

If your special needs are of a medical nature, you should let the school and the admissions office know about it. Out of consideration for yourself, your teachers and your fellow pupils, you should provide all necessary information when you apply, even if the circumstances do not qualify for special accommodation. You must think through what you want your school environment to take into consideration, but remember: no-one can make allowances for something they don–t know about.

If you have competed and gained admission to an education programme at Vg1 or a programme area at Vg2 or Vg3, physical and medical circumstances can serve as a basis for a reserved place at a specific school.

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