In-service training establishments, vocational offices and member enterprises

On the pages dealing with the education programmes (for instance carpentry) you can find an overview of which training establishments and vocational offices provide training in the different recognized trades. Remember to scroll down on the list at the top of and choose your county.  

An in-service training establishment 

An in-service training establishment is an enterprise, public agency or institution, a vocational office or a training circle certified by the county authorities to accept apprentices/training candidates. To be approved, such establishments must be able to offer you training specified in the relevant subject curriculum, and it must have a professionally qualified person (professional manager) who is responsible for the training. The training must be adapted, as far as possible, to the apprentice’s or training candidate’s abilities, interests and qualifications.

Vocational offices and member enterprises

Several enterprises can join forces with a vocational office to coordinate the admission and training of apprentices/training candidates. Each enterprise that is part of the vocational office must be certified as an in-service training establishment. This establishment then becomes a member enterprise in the vocational office. You sign an apprenticeship contract or in-service training contract with the vocational office, which is legally responsible for the contract. You receive your training in one of a number of member enterprises. Where you receive your training there is to be a professional manager who is responsible for your training.

Training circles

Enterprises that are too small to offer an apprentice or training candidate a training programme on their own may form a training circle with other enterprises to do the job. So that your total period of training covers all the elements in the curriculum or the individual training plan, during your apprenticeship period you will also receive training in other enterprises in the training circle. All the enterprises in the circle must be certified and  have someone who is officially responsible for your training. Even though you are given training in several enterprises, you sign a contract with the one that has the main responsibility for training you.

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