How is your application dealt with?

If you have applied for mediation to an apprenticeship place, you will be referred to in-service training establishments with apprenticeships in recognized trades that build on the programme area of the upper secondary school you have taken. The county authorities will as far as possible try to mediate you to placements in the trade of your choice. You may, however, be referred to companies with apprenticeships in a trade for which you have not applied but for which you are qualified, as well as to training establishments that are located outside your home municipality or home county.

It is the companies themselves that select whom to offer apprenticeship places, and the selection routines may vary from county to county. Potential applicants may be called in for an interview. So it is very important that you have given your correct address and mobile telephone number and that you can be reached during the period when mediation is being made. In most counties you can log in to (log in with MinID) until 1 July and change your address and mobile telephone number.

If you say no to an offer from a training establishment that the county authorities have found for you, you are not entitled to an offer of a new apprenticeship or a place in school for the same school year.   

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