How do you respond?

You will be notified when the admission process is finished via SMS (in some counties via email). Log in to with MinID to find out which placement you have been given and to respond to the offer of a placement and/or place on the waiting list.
  • An offer of a placement on your first choice programme? You should answer yes. You will not be offered a place on programmes further down your list.
  • An offer of a placement lower down your list and place on the waiting list for a programme higher up on your choice list? You should say yes to both offers. But if you later are offered a placement on a programme higher up on your list, then the placement you previously accepted is lost.
  • Only an offer of a place on a waiting list? You should answer yes. If you answer no, you will be removed from the admission system.

Deadline for response  

  • You must respond to an offer of a placement approx. one week after you have received the offer.
  • You can lose the offer of the placement and/or a place on a waiting list if you do not answer within the deadline.
  • You can register a response in advance on

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