Higher education

As a rule, you must have university admissions certification (studiekompetanse) to be considered for admission to colleges or universities. The basis for university admissions certification is usually:
  • Certificate for passed three years upper secondary education leading to university admissions certification or vocational competence 
  • You are 23 years of age or older with at least five years of full-time work experience and/or education (the 23/5-rule)

In both cases the common core subjects of Norwegian, English, mathematics, natural science, social science and history must be completed. 


  • If you have achieved university admissions certification through upper secondary education or training or other schemes prior to the Knowledge Promotion curriculum, you will still have your university admissions certification. 
  • Furthermore, there are exceptions to the requirement for university admissions certification, for example for certain studies, such as art studies, and for adults over 25 years of age with informal and non-formal competence for a certain subject or course of studies. 
  • Some colleges and universities offer the "V-path" (Y-veien) for you who have relevant vocation education with a craft/journeyman’s certificate or vocational competence, but lack general university admissions certification.

The Regulations for Admission to Higher Education (Forskrift om opptak til høyere utdanning) apply to applicants for admission to higher education. 

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