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Deadlines for applications and admission calendar

1 March is the deadline for ordinary applications to upper secondary school and apprenticeship placements.

1 February is the deadline for applications for  

  • applications with preferential rights
    • for applicants to a specific education programme at Vg1
    • for applicants with severe functional disabilities 
    • for applicants with the right to instruction in the use of sign language and through the medium of sign language 
    • for applicants with an individual decision as to extended time 
  • for applicants with an individual decision about special language education
  • for applicants who have recently come to Norway
  • applications for individual treatment
    • for applicants to Vg1 who are entitled to special education amd who do not have a grade in more than half of the subjects 
    • for applicants to Vg1 who have had special language education in primary/ lower secondary school and who do not have a grade in more than half of the subjects
    • for applicants to Vg2 or Vg3 with individual decisions about special education and who do not have a grade in more than one subject or who are following a planned pathway towards documented partial competence 
    • for applicants who must be treated individually for other special, weighty reasons  
  • applications for mediation of placement for training candidates.

You can also find information from your county below.

You apply via the website (log in with MinID). The website is open 24-hours a day from the beginning of January until the deadline. It closes at 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline.

You cannot apply over the Internet after the deadline. For more information contact the admissions office in your county.


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