Computer electronics technician (craft certificate)

Relevant workplaces

A computer electronics technician can find employment in companies large and small in most areas of commercial and economic life.

Key tasks

Key tasks include:

  • the installation, operation and maintenance of various electronics systems and computer systems
  • the use and handling of equipment, software, information and data
  • establishing communication between different types of equipment and systems
  • security, troubleshooting and communications problems
  • advice to customers for choosing and using equipment and systems and adapting the equipment/systems to the customer–s needs
  • compilation of documentation adapted to the client and providing instruction

Personal qualities

A computer technician should be interested in development and new technology. You should have positive attitudes concerning the protection of privacy and ethics. You should be able to take the initiative, work efficiently and have good judgment. You should also be service-minded and be able to listen to the customer–s wishes and needs.