Complaint about assessment - recognized trade

As an apprentice or training candidate you have the right to file a complaint if your trade or jouneyman’s examination or your skills test is given the grade «Ikke bestått» (fail). It is not possible to complain so as to change your grade from «Bestått» (pass) to «Bestått meget godt» (very good pass).

When your examination product has been assessed to «Ikke bestått» (fail), there are two aspects you can file a complaint about:

  • Complaints about the examination board’s professional assessment 
    The complaint is to be sent to the county where the examination was organized. The complaint is dealt with by a complaints committee consisting of members who were not involved in the first assessment of the examination. The complaints committee may reject the complaint, it may change the result from fail to pass, or it may repeal the decision of the examination board and refer you to a new examination. 
  • Complaints about formal mistakes or other non-professional aspects of how the examination was organized 
    The complaint is to be sent to and dealt with by the county council, or by a complaints committee empowered by the county council. If the county council or the complaints committee reach the conclusion that formal mistakes may have had a decisive influence on your examination result, the decision of the examination board will be repealed. In this case the examination is deemed not to have been taken and you may take a new examination as soon as possible. 

How do you file a complaint?

You can file a complaint yourself, or give someone else a written power of attorney to file a complaint for you. A complaint must be made in writing and must be signed. You should  always give grounds for your complaint. 

Information about your right to complain, deadlines, what must be included in a complaint, where it is to be sent, who is to deal with it etc, is to be supplied by the vocational training office in your county. All the rules and regulations concerning complaints about assessment are to be found in Chapter 5 of the Regulations to the Education Act.

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