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Vocations and competencies after upper secondary education and training

Automation mechanic (craft certificate)

Relevant workplaces

As an automation mechanic, you may find employment in the processing industry, the mechanical industry, and with companies that build, repair, and maintain automatic processing systems and machines.

Key tasks

Vocations within automation include operations, maintenance, and installation of automated systems. These are systems used in the control, guidance, and the regulation of automated production processes and electro-mechanical systems. An automation mechanic should be able to:

  • independently perform installations, repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting for industrial and other automated low-voltage systems
  • calibrate test equipment and signal converters, and assemble necessary proof of calibrations
  • repair, replace, adjust and check all materials that are a part of automated systems, including mechanical work-ups and assembly
  • install and re-build in automated processes or electro-mechanical systems
  • make necessary alterations on guidance and interlocking systems, and document these procedures
  • initiate operations and do functions testing of for example automated processes, robots, machines, and systems
  • optimize the work process and spot the potential for improvements in process guidance and controls

Personal qualities

This vocation is cross-disciplinary, and therefore it is important that you have a broad-based understanding of processes and automation systems. Companies need employees who understand the relationship between idea and final product. It is also important that you can empathize with users and take their needs into account.



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