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Assessment of formal, non-formal and informal qualifications

Formal, non-formal and informal learning and work experience represent the competence you have achieved through formal education and training, and through participation in working life and society by attending courses, through in-service training in enterprises, and such like. Formal, informal and non-formal competence is to be assessed in relation to the relevant subject curricula, which include both common core subjects and programme subjects.However, you cannot have formal, non-forml and informal competence as a final assessment in subjects from Vg3 curricula in vocational education programmes.

The validation of competence in a given subject is equivalent to having passed that subject. Validated formal, informal and non-formal competence must be documented with a certificate of competence, or by a certificate.

If you have special rights as an adult, the county authorities are obliged to see that your formal, informal and non-formal competence is assessed, whether you apply for upper secondary education and training or not. The aim of such an assessment may also be to enter the work force.

If you are an adult without the right to upper secondary education and training, you are entitled to have your formal, informal and non-formal competence assessed if you are referred to the county authorities by the municipal authority or by NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation). It is the referring authority that will cover the expense of the assessment. The county authorities can also assess other adults for formal, informal and non-formal competence, but in those cases can be paid for this service.

Teaching/training organized for adults shall be adapted to the formal, informal and non-formal competence of the individual learner. You are also to be offered an upper secondary education/training from the level you are currently at.


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