Apprenticeship contract

Apprentices sign an apprenticeship contract with the in-service training establishment or the vocational training office at the beginning of the apprenticeship. This contract must be approved by the county authorities. Your employment relationship with the enterprise automatically stops when your apprenticeship expires, and if you wish to continue you have to sign a new employment contract.

The county authorities may approve that the apprenticeship is disrupted in cases of leave, for example during pregnancy or military service.

With the approval of the county authorities both the training establishment and you as an apprentice/training candidate can end the contract if one of the parties is guilty of a serious violation of their obligations in the work relationship. The contract can also be discontinued if one of the parties is no longer able to continue the training relationship, or if you declare, in writing, that continuing until the end of the contract would impose an undue burden. If you are the one who wishes to end the contract or is “to blame” for its disruption, you can lose your right to training. The county authorities will determine whether you retain your entitlement to training.

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