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Application, response and rules

Most people who take upper secondary education and training take one or more years in school as a pupil. You have to apply for a place in upper secondary school - there is more information below. Read also about how to apply for an apprenticeship.

Autumn – Choose training and vocation

You either choose general studies

or vocational education and training

You can choose documented partial competence as your goal in both general studies and vocational education and training. If you want to, you can choose to achieve university admissions certification or vocational competence at a later date.

Do you not have PIN codes and/or have you forgotten your password?

Winter – Application at with MinID

  • You must apply for three education programmes in order of preference at Vg1.
  • You have the right to be accepted to one of these programmes.
  • Do you have special needs that mean you must follow a specific education programme at Vg1? If so, then you may apply for a preferential right to admission.
  • Do you not have a basis for grading? In that case it is possible that you may be admitted to an education programme at Vg1 based on an individual assessment.
  • You have to apply for a place each year – both for Vg1, Vg2 and Vg3.
  • You apply via
  • Log in with MinID. You will receive a PIN code sheet in the post at the turn of the year (if you have not used MinID before).
  • You usually apply for admission to upper secondary education and training in the county you are living in.
  • Remember to print a receipt for your application.
  • You can change your mobile phone number and e-mail address on vigo.nobefore 1 July (in most counties). After this date you must notify the admissions office. Remember that you must also update your mobile phone number and e-mail address in MinID.
See also Register your application on

Application deadlines

1 March (ordinary deadline)  

1 February for applications with a preferential right or an individual assessment


Make sure you have PIN codes for MinID well ahead of the deadline.

Summer – Respond at with MinID

How do you reply?

  • You will receive notification of a placement offer by SMS or e-mail.
  • Log in to with MinID to view the offer.
You must also reply to placement offers and/or a place on a waiting list on
  • Placement offer for your first choice programme? 
    You should answer yes. You will not receive a placement offer for programmes lower down your list.
  • Placement offer for a programme lower down your list and a place on a waiting list for a programme higher up your choice list? 
    You should answer yes to both. But if you later receive an offer of a placement on a programme that is higher up your list, then the placement you previously accepted is lost.
  • Only offer of a place on a waiting list? 
    You should answer yes. If you answer no, you will be removed from the admission system.

Reply deadline

You must reply to a placement offer approx. 1 week after you have received the offer.

Advance reply

You can register an advance reply on from 2 March to 1 July (in most counties).

Test that you manage to log in to with MinID with your personal identity number ("fødselsnummer" in Norwegian), self-selected password and code by SMS well before the deadline!


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