Application and admission to Vg1

In year 10 you must choose which education programmes you are going to apply to. As a main rule, you apply in the county you live in.

  • You are entitled to be admitted to one of the three education programmes you want most.
  • The final grades from year 10 may be part of the basis for deciding whether you are admitted to your primary priority.

Admission rules in the county

Each county has its own rules for deciding which school you can apply to. Investigate which rules that apply in your county. Usually the county’s admission rules follow one of these three principles:

  • You can apply to all the schools in the county, or
  • You can apply to schools in your part of the county (the region) or
  • You must apply to the school that is closest to where you live.

In counties where you can choose between school, your grades from year 10 will be part of the basis for deciding which school you are admitted to.

Choose your county!

These counties have additional information for this topic: