Right to file a complaint

The decision regarding admission to upper secondary education and training is an individual decision that can be appealed in accordance with the provisions of the Public Administration Act. You are entitled to appeal a decision regarding regular admission, admission to a specific education programmes, and decisions regarding adapted education.

You can appeal yourself or give someone else, such as one of your parents or guardians, or a lawyer, a written power of attorney to file an appeal on your behalf. You must make the appeal in writing and give grounds for it. The appeal deadline is 3 weeks from the time you received a reply concerning your application.

The agency handing down the decision – for instance the admissions office in your home county or the head teacher at the school you are applying to – can give you additional information about your right of appeal, where to send your appeal, who will be handling it, etc. Do not hesitate to take contact with such persons before you submit your appeal as this might serve to clear up any misunderstanding.

If you have received an offer of a place, you must respond to this offer, even if you intend to appeal. If you do not respond by the deadline (approximately 1 week), you risk losing your place, and it is not certain that your appeal will be granted.