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Elverum videregående skole

Upper secondary school

Contact information

Belongs to Hedmark fylkeskommune Enhet for videregående opplæring
Visitors" address Kirkeveien 1, Elverum
Postal address Postboks 246
2402 Elverum
Telephone 62 43 15 00
Telefax 62 43 15 01
Organization form Public
Pupils 800
Language variant Bokmål
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Subject offers

The school reserves the right to decide whether to start a subject or not. Programme subjects may be chosen if they fit into the timetable and if the combination of subjects meets the requirements as to certificates. Common programme subjects are compulsory in the education programme they are part of. Contact the school for more information.

Common core subjects


English (Vg1, general studies)
English (Vg1, vocational)
English (Vg2, vocational)

Foreign languages

French level I (general studies)
French level II (general studies)
German level I+II (general studies)
German level II (general studies)
Spanish level I+II (general studies)
Spanish level II (general studies)


Geography (Vg1 or Vg2)


History (Vg2, general studies)
History (Vg3 supplementary programme for general university admissions certification)
History (Vg3, general studies)

Mathematics 1

Mathematics 1P (practical) (Vg1, general studies)
Mathematics 1P-Y (practical) (Vg1, vocational)
Mathematics 1T (theoretical) (Vg1, general studies)

Mathematics 2

Mathematics 2P (practical) (Vg2, general studies)

Mathematics 2-Y

Mathematics 2P-Y (practical) (Vg3 supplementary programme for general university admissions certification)

Natural science

Natural science (Vg1, general studies)
Natural science (Vg1, vocational)
Natural science (Vg3 supplementary programme for general university admissions certification)


Norwegian (Vg1, general studies)
Norwegian (Vg1, vocational)
Norwegian (Vg2, general studies)
Norwegian (Vg2, vocational)
Norwegian (Vg3 supplementary programme for general university admissions certification)
Norwegian (Vg3, general studies)

Physical education

Physical education (Vg1, common core subjects)
Physical education (Vg2, common core subjects)
Physical education (Vg3, common core subjects)

Religion and ethics

Religion and ethics (Vg3, general studies)

Social science

Social science (Vg1 or Vg2, common core subjects)

Sports and physical education

Sports and physical education

Common programme subjects

Activity theory

Activity theory 1
Activity theory 2
Activity theory 3

Sports and society

Sports and society

Theory of training

Theory of training 1
Theory of training 2

Training management

Training management 1
Training management 2+3

Optional programme subjects

Outdoor life

Outdoor life 1

Recreational sports

Recreational sports 1
Recreational sports 2
Recreational sports 3

Top-level sports

Top-level sports 1
Top-level sports 2
Top-level sports 3

Specialization in general studies

Arts, crafts and design

Common programme subjects

Design and architecture

Design and architecture 1
Design and architecture 2
Design and architecture 3

Visual arts

Visual arts 1
Visual arts 2
Visual arts 3

Optional programme subjects

Printing and photography

Printing and photography

Natural science and mathematics

Programme subject


Biology 1
Biology 2


Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2


Geosciences 2

Information technology

Information technology 1
Information technology 2

Mathematics for natural sciences

Mathematics R1
Mathematics R2

Mathematics for social sciences

Mathematics S1
Mathematics S2


Physics 1
Physics 2

Languages, social sciences and economics

Programme subject

Business economics

Business administration
Finance management

Communication and culture

Communication and culture 1
Communication and culture 3


International English
Social English
English literature and culture

Entrepreneurship and business development

Entrepreneurship and business development 1
Entrepreneurship and business development 2

Foreign language (programme subject)

French level I
French level III
German level III
Spanish level I
Spanish level III

History and philosophy

History and philosophy 1


Law 2

Marketing and management

Marketing and management 1
Marketing and management 2

Politics, the individual and society

Politics and human rights
Social geography
Sociology and social anthropology


Psychology 1
Psychology 2

Social economics

Social economics 1

Building and construction


Common programme subjects

Building and construction techniques

Technical drafting and trade studies


Common programme subjects

Construction techniques

Trade studies


Trade studies

Design, arts and crafts


Common programme subjects

Design, arts and crafts

Quality and documentation


Common programme subjects

Design and textiles

Design and product development
Production and materials

Design and woodwork

Product design

Occupational therapist

Activation subjects
Administration subjects

Electricity and electronics


Common programme subjects

Electricity and electronics

Automation systems
Computers and electronics
Electrical power systems


Common programme subjects

Electrical power

Automation systems
Computers and electronics
Electrical power systems

Healthcare, childhood and youth development

Service and transport


Common programme subjects

Service and transport

Communication and service
Operation and follow-up


Common programme subjects

Sales, service and safety

Economics and administration
Marketing and sales

Technical and industrial production


Common programme subjects

Technical and industrial production

Documentation and quality
Technical services


Common programme subjects

Car damage, paintwork and bodywork

Bodywork and paintwork
Documentation and quality

Industrial technology

Documentation and quality
Repairs and maintenance